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Individual Cut rices

  • Rack of Lamb                           $18 / lb
  • Chops                                          $15 / lb
  • Boneless Shoulder Roast     $15 / lb
  • Bone-in Shoulder Roast        $14 / lb
  • Boneless Leg Roast                $15 / lb
  • Bone-in Leg Roast                  $14 / lb
  • Lamb Shank                              $14 / lb
  • Neck Roast                                $10 / lb
  • Stew Meat                                 $13 / lb
  • Ground Lamb                           $12 / lb
  • Bratwurst                                   $12/ lb
  • Polish Sausage                        $12 / lb
  • Spicy Italian Sausage            $12 / lb
  • Milk Breakfast Sausage        $12 / lb
  • Bones                                          $5 / lb  

Whole Lamb Package

25# of meat           $275 / box

  • Box includes the following cuts:  rack of lamb, shoulder roast, leg roast, neck roast, shanks, sirloin steaks, chops, stew meat, ground lamb, bones.  


We keep our lambs on their moms for the first 30 days of their life at which point we move them out to our pastures to rotationally graze on mixed grasses and legumes throughout the summer.  We also supplement with a small amount of non-GMO grain to keep the lambs in the best of health through our warm humid summers when parasite pressure can be very high.  

Pastured lambs produce meat that is much healthier than that of lambs raised in confinement.  There is less saturated fat and cholesterol and much higher levels of vitamin C and E as well as Omega-3s and CLA.  

We bring our lambs to a USDA-certified, Animal Welfare Approved Butcher (Washington County Meats in Bristol, VA).  We feel confident that our lambs are handled and processed with as much care and as little stress as possible.    

We sell cuts of meat for various prices per pound and every year we offer a few whole lambs for sale.  If you reserve a lamb, we take the lambs to slaughter and have them custom cut according to your liking.  These lambs are $5/lb hanging weight plus a processing fee.  Please contact us to reserve one. They will be ready by November 15th.  


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