Sheep Milk 


We raise a grass-based flock, milking twice a day and keeping the ewes out on pasture year round.  We do supplement with non-GMO grain in the milking parlor as this helps keep the ewes in peak health during the milking season. 

We provide the flock with fresh grass everyday and this flavor comes through in the milk making the milk rich and higher in Omega-3s and CLA.  Grass-based milk will follow the season in subtle shifts of flavor from spring, summer and fall.  This is how milk has been for centuries and we're proud to follow in this tradition.  

We currently sell both our raw sheep milk and our sheep milk yogurt under a state certified Pet Food Label.  While we milk with all Grade A equipment, we are not currently certified to sell under a Grade A label.  This also means that we do not pasteurize our milk.