Sheepskins are about the most luxurious thing you can buy for yourself or a friend!  We use them to warm up our chairs on winter days, to keep our feet warm when getting out of bed and they make an excellent sleeping pad for our 2 year old son.  We also sell them as wedding gifts, for kundalini yoga, as a natural play/sleeping area for a new baby and as a cozy healthy liner for strollers and car seats.  Sheepskins are also excellent for those who are bedridden and are suffering from skin problems.    

All of our sheepskins come from sheep that were raised on our farm.  We salt the skins to cure them and when they're ready, we send them to Bucks County Fur - a tannery in Pennsylvania that does a fantastic job!  The skins are all machine-washable (see instructions below), soft and pliable, and will last more than a lifetime if taken care of.  

Each one of our sheepskins is unique, and each varies in color, exact size and length of fleece. However, most are approximately 26 inches wide by 40 inches long, and the fleece measures about 2-4 inches.


Washing Instructions 

1. Use cold or lukewarm water.

2. Use Woolskin: Sheepskin & Wool Shampoo with Tea Tree Oil.

3. Wash-machine wash using gentle/wool cycle.

4. Dry- Spin dry slowly, then lay flat with leather side up- away from direct heat or sun.

5. Brush out with a wide tooth metal brush, normally used for dogs, but it's equally good for brushing out sheepskin rugs!