As you can see. . . our sheep turn into goats every spring!  We shear the ewes about a month before they lamb in the spring - this makes it easy for the lambs to find their mom's milk and it makes the ewes so much more comfortable as the spring heats up into summer. 

East Friesian wool is medium fine and our wool tends to be about 3-4 in length when sheared.  It makes nice yarn and is great for felting or turning into roving for weaving rugs.  We have also had folks buy it for "healthy insulation" for tiny homes and school buses!  

Our flock is a mix of white and black sheep so you can choose the colors you’d like!  We skirt the wool (take off all soiled wool, second cuts from the clippers and vegetable matter) before we offer it for sale.   We sell by the fleece, with each fleece being roughly 8 lbs.  If you are buying in bulk (200 lbs or more) we sell at $2 / lb.  


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